The Chop

Yep, I finally did it - I went for the chop. I had been growing more and more bored with my hair the more the layers grew out and as it started to just look heavier and heavier. I finally went in for a haircut (in the middle of a blizzard, mind you - I was determined!) and couldn't be happier with the result.

(Apologies for the awkward posing - I still need to get used to this) I was trying to pluck up enough courage to get a full-on layered bob, but in the end I just couldn't part with that much hair. I went for a long bob instead, asking for the longest bits to just barely graze my collarbones with plenty of layers put in to add movement. The layers are perfectly cut so I can pretty much flip my hair to either side of my head, alternating it all day, and have it still look uniform. It's so much easier for me to style - I love the messy, textured look, so I really only have to spray some salt spray in it and let it air dry for it to look the way I want. In the pictures above, all I did was apply some leave-in conditioner on the ends, spray it with salt spray, and roughly blowdry it after letting it air dry about halfway. Since I love this shorter length so much, I might be brave enough to try something a little shorter next time. I can't really put it up anymore, but that doesn't bother me - I can't fall into a rut of putting it up into a messy bun every day.

So, now I've got a question for you: what are your favorite hair products for messy/textured/voluminous hair? I've just picked up the Jack Black Performance Remedy Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for Hair and Body - longest name ever - after reading on Into the Gloss  that it's great for the "perfectly messy" look when used as a shampoo. I've only used it once so far, but the first result has been promising. Aside from that, I've just been putting a little of the Living Proof Prime Style Extender through my towel-dried hair and then dousing it with a generous helping of the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray. Please leave your suggestions below! I'm open to anything - from shampoo and conditioner to styling products and tools!